8 Digital Resolutions for 2019

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Aurelie Van den bergen

    2019 will be 100% about customer delight or won’t be your year. What the customer wants, the customer gets. And he starves for new experiences. He wants to be amazed by innovation, to be entertained by interactive contents, to be made his life easier thanks to personalization, AI and vocal search.

    Let’s recap the 8 hot trends you can’t skip if you want to be successful in your 2019 digital strategy! 

    1. Go mobile or go nuts 

    By 2020, 40% of consumers will come from generation Z. These young adults are ultra addict to mobile. That’s why improving mobile experience is key !

    Most website are now reponsive but it’s still too slow for Google that developed the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). According to Google, « AMP is an open source library that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are compelling, smooth and load near instantaneously for users » (more info). We will then see a lot of websites turning AMP in 2019…

    But we will also witness the arrival of PWA (Progressive Web App) which allows apps to work offline as fast as the native app without having to download them.

    By improving the quality and speed of your website, not only will your customers jump for joy, but your SEO and SEA strategy will take a big step forward !

    1. Say goodbye to annoying adware : native advertising kicks its ass!

    With the rise of mobile, online advertising agencies burst into tears. The space for ads is more and more reduced and they must redouble their intelligence not to be punished by Google for being too intrusive. What a real headache!

    Fortunately, native advertising comes to the rescue as it integrates the best in apps and mobile websites and offers a better click rate. For instance, you can use hashtags, write blog articles or organize an original contest. The goal isn’t to hide the fact that your ads are sponsored content but to find a way to set yourself apart and make your brand stand out. Be creative !

    1. Pictures are so 2018… Catch the video wave!

    We know that you know, but still, we must insist on the importance of videos. According to Neil Patel, 84% of consumers say they bought a product after watching a video. This number speaks for itself !

    Of course, you have to define your video content plan according to your business goals. For instance, at Minds&More, we mainly use video for employer branding purpose as one of our 2019 goal is to expand our digital marketing community.

    If you’re not a video expert, there’s a lot of tools allowing you to easily create nice content in a limited time. Lumen5 and Vidyard are some examples.

    1. Time is money, help them save it!

    Your customer’s time is precious. Here are two technologies that will allow him to save it.

    Vocal search is the next big thing. According to ComScore, 50% of Google searches will be vocal in 2020. What does it mean for you ? Be careful with your SEO and polish it like a diamond. For instance, you can favor questions for your titles.

    Secondly, your consumer wants to reach your customer service at any time. Even while he’s in the middle of a very boring meeting. And above all, he can’t stand this little irritating music that runs in a loop at the other end of the handset. Here is the Holy grail : the chatbot. More seriously, according to Business Insider, only 11% of consumers report a negative perception of chatbots. Knowing that, put the odds on your side and maybe consider integrating a little piece of AI on your website to increase your customer satisfaction.

    1. Be there anywhere at anytime

    According to Google research, « 90% of multiple device owners switch between an average of three per day to complete a task ».

    As your customers are versatile and impatient beings, you need to create an omnichannel strategy worthy of the name.

    How to do such a thing ? Borrow their eyes, track down its journey like a real spy and make it as fluid as possible by multiplying touch points with your consumer. Your omnichannel strategy has to synchronize the Customer Experience on your different channels to make it as clear, integrated and coherent as possible.

    1. Be the King of the Social Media Game !

    Sorry but you’re going to turn your back on the father of social network, Facebook, as it’s less and less used by young users. On the other side, you can’t miss out on Messenger in your 2019 marketing plan, as it’s a must-have platform for conversational marketing as well as advertising medium.

    Without any surprise, Instagram and Snapchat are now the leaders of the Social Media Game. But contrary to what one might expect, it’s not among the youngest that the apps progress the most. On Snapchat, there’s now more 35-44 year than 18-24 year users. It’s definitely not a teen thing anymore.

    An undeniable advantage for brands on both platforms is the use of influencers.

    Instagram offers a very interesting Shopping functionality which allows company to tag products in posts and stories with an external link to make the buying process easy. It’s also possible to make the same on an influencer post or to put a product aside to buy it later which really helps to increase the conversion rate.

    Instagram set the bar high in term of shopping experience !

    1. Let’s become their #BFF

    The closer to your customer, the better your reputation. And reputation management is crucial in this content marketing era.

    If the stories are born on Snapchat, you can now find them on Instagram and Facebook too.

    This kind of videos is favored by social users because they allow to create a different customer experience by making them discover your intimacy, without any filter. They create a real proximity between the company and the consumers. They’re particulary efficient while teasing a new event or product or showing backstages during a photo shoot.

    You could even consider your connected consumer to become your new marketer by involving him/her in your product development strategy. Let’s chase market insights thanks to interactive contents like online surveys. Here’s an efficient way to materialize the voice of the customer !

    And of course, last but not least, to be trusted by your community, be careful with your data !

    1. Adopt an influencer

    It’s been a long time since we predicted the death of influencers. But, with a ROI of 11 times higher than with classic advertising, they are not ready to disappear.

    There’s no doubt that the consumer will trust more a nice and reassuring face than an agressive pop-up when making a purchase decision. However, he’s not fooled and prefers to rely on a micro influencer, closer to his community and more objective in his opinion.

    Moral of the story : it’s better to work with a network of micro influencers than to spend your budget on collaborating with an Influencer Marketing Guru.

      To resume, here are 3 things your customers want for next year : to save time, to be surprised and to feel part of a community. Then, help them get it and help yourself to increase your conversion rate by pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. So, ready to kill it in 2019?



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