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Tue, Mar 10, 2015 blog

Ewelina Czuczman

As from 26 March 2015, the best-in-class Belgian Sales insights are just one click away!

Why a Webinar series?

The purpose of this series of webinars is mainly to shed more light on the current trends and challenges facing the sales force in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Topics pertaining to increasing sales revenues while keeping sales, general and administration (SG&A) costs down will be the primary focus of these series.

Next topic: Social Selling in a B2B environment

According to Miller Heiman Institute (MHI), 72% of world-class Sales Performers are accelerating the progression of social selling from secret tool to mainstream sales competency in their organisations by establishing guidelines and standards for the use of social media in their organisations, compared to only 36% of other respondents

In the digital age, this concept is called social selling and while most sales executives understand this phenomenon, very few actually understand a strategy is crucial behind social selling. If well used, It can significantly reduce not just sales cycle times, but also cut lead generation costs. In this webinar, Pascale Hall, Partner at Minds&More, will offer her insights about social selling and answer your questions.

Ewelina Czuczman

About Ewelina Czuczman

Ewelina is a creative digital marketing & communication expert with more than 6 years of experience in international markets. Having experience in FMCG industry, Ewelina developed the Communication department for Polish Headquarters. Not limited to organizational function she focuses on strategy development and roll-out in international markets. Key on successful implementation is to create “buy in” of all stakeholders. She has specific experience in B2B and B2C event management, external & internal communications, project management, digital marketing.

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