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Wed, Jan 06, 2016 blog

Ewelina Czuczman

kamagurka going digital

In 2015 the increasing amount of ‘disruptive’ and competitive mobile based companies in the market has stressed the crucial importance for incumbents to invest in their digital transformation. As some of them are getting there in 2016 and see all their teams (marketing, sales and many more) becoming ‘digitalised’, others are stuck in processes. To help you understand the phenomenon, our Partner Pieterjan Kempynck wrote a post on the topic, from analysing the situation to defining the steps that will help you to internally lead the way.

Click here or on the picture to access the full article originally published in November 2015 on Pulse

can you uberize your business

About Kamagurka

Kamagurka is one of Belgium’s most renowned cartoonist, known for the absurd nature of his work. Minds&More is happy that Kamagurka accepted to custom-design marketing & sales cartoons in his very own unique way.

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Ewelina Czuczman

About Ewelina Czuczman

Ewelina is a creative digital marketing & communication expert with more than 6 years of experience in international markets. Having experience in FMCG industry, Ewelina developed the Communication department for Polish Headquarters. Not limited to organizational function she focuses on strategy development and roll-out in international markets. Key on successful implementation is to create “buy in” of all stakeholders. She has specific experience in B2B and B2C event management, external & internal communications, project management, digital marketing.

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