Looking to boost your business growth or improve commercial performance? Need an effective marketing and sales plan for 2019? Need help in implementing sales enablement platforms? Struggling with pricing, or your routes to market? Need help on a digital or strategic project?  Our consultants can help address your strategic challenges and turn ideas into concrete actions and implementation.   

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Pragmatic Consulting solutions tailored to your needs

Our consulting and advisory solutions are designed to deliver positive impact and improve commercial performance. Working with you and your team to go beyond the ‘business as usual’ and set up concrete, practical projects to grow your business. Our consultants work in close contact with your organisations. We help to rethink, improve or adapt certain processes, offerings, go-to-market or sales approaches, deploy sales enablement, enhance customer experiences or ways to capture more value from your products/services you market.   

Our consulting services cover areas such as:

  • Business strategy development to support your business growth goals
  • Develop marketing & sales plans  for growth (using the Funnel Plan TM  methodology) - via workshop and coaching to create effective marketing and sales plans, fill sales funnel by tactics to find and progress buyers.
  • Improve commercial performance (marketing processes, capabilities, organize sales to win)
  • Create sales and marketing alignment (Roles and responsibilities of teams, align on goals, and funnel plan TM with commercial tactics)
  • Implement sales enablement platforms, we address the people and process aspects part of sales enablement project. Integrate platforms into the commercials processes, training & coaching and support the change roadmap. We develop buyer journeys, work with teams on persona to which content to use. We implement sales enablement or help companies to relaunch sales enablement initiatives, Showpad to get more impact  (what we do with Showpad sales enablement)
  • Digital and social media roadmap to guide your activities (diagnostic, roadmap, activation of actions)
  • Structuring sales teams (sales coverage - accounts / sectors / territory, roles and responsibilities)
  • Manage change / evolution of organization 
  • Value based pricing and selling (understanding value created in the market and help commercial teams to better sell/capture value)
  • New product development
  • Channel Management

Since 2010 we have worked on over hundred consulting/advisory assignments in the following sectors:

  • Logistics, Wholesale Distribution, ICT, Services, Start-Ups, Construction, FMCG, Beverage

KMO-portefeuille: Subsidies for training & advice

Minds&More is accredited by the Flemish Government to render training services (accreditations # DV.O221913) & advisory (accreditation # DV.A221912) services with financial aid via the KMO Protefeuille program.

This means that eligible companies can get 40% (small companies) or 30% (mid-sized companies) of costs subsidized, with a maximum of respectively 10.000€ or 15.000€ per year.

Please consult kmo-portefeuille to check eligiblity or contact us office@mindsandmore.biz!

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What are your benefits ?

  • Experts only: We operate a lean and flat structure, in contrast to consulting firms with a pyramid hierarchy of seniors who sell the job and have juniors execute it. At Minds&More every consultant is a seasoned professional who has been there and done that before.
  • A pragmatic and participative approach: More than producing slides, consulting is about achieving results and creating lasting change. We always focus on things that matter and involve key stakeholders to make the journey together and to ensure that change can be understood and digested internally.
  • From concept to execution: Our combination of consulting and interim services allows us to seamlessly blend the thinking with the doing. Once we have conceptualised and agreed what needs to be done and how, we are very pragmatic in staffing the plan with consultants who coordinate and client resources or possibly interim managers who execute the various tracks.
  • Focused on the long-term: Our aim is to partner with our clients to help them realise sustainable, long-term growth. We challenge our clients to make sure projects are meaningful, relevant and impactful. We take pride in the number of customers who return to us for help whenever the need arises.

How does it work ?

  • contactOnce you contact us, your request will be handled by one of our Relationship Managers. This person is an expert in marketing, sales or transformation, and will carefully review your request with you to understand the context and particularities of the challenge at hand.
  • draftThe Relationship Manager will draft a proposal and put together a team of experts to help out.


  • cost-timeThe proposal will be reviewed in a face-to-face meeting to make sure the approach can be fine-tuned and optimised. At this point we also discuss the nature of the collaborations: either we work on a “time & material” basis, with day fee and expenses based on the time tracking of the resources. Alternatively, we can agree on a fixed budget or even result-based fee.
  • kickoff-meetingWhen accepted, a ‘kick off’ meeting will be planned to inform all related and concerned stakeholders and to set up the various work-streams and teams.
  • meetingThroughout the project, a Minds&More Project Manager will oversee the work done by the team (the initial consultants or potentially later interim managers) and the client resources to ensure momentum. At regular intervals, Steering Committee meetings will be held to review where we are versus the plan.

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