Effective content management for social engagement

Social selling and driving social engagement with customers and prospects is taking an increasingly important role for both the sales and marketing professionals.

Wed, Feb 15, 2017 blog

François Delvaux

A key part of effective social selling is the importance of delivering relevant content via online and social media channels and ensure content creates value and used to influence the buyer’s journey – be it for prospects or to existing customers.

Today the importance of content is here to stay:

  • 85% of B2B buyers saying that online content has a moderate to major effect on purchasing decisions (CMO council 2016 survey)
  • Today’s customers stating that they want a more personalized sales experience (Customer Experience Insights)
  • Study of B2B companies (2016 Minds&More) seeing a positive evolution where companies formalizing the role of content management in order to build awareness, strengthen market positioning and gain qualified sales leads

However important questions need to be addressed

  • What is the role of marketing and sales specific to content management?
  • How can marketing and sales teams be well aligned when it comes to content management and progressing buyers through the sales funnel?
  • What are the KPIs metrics and best practices specific to content management?
  • How many pieces of content should each sales person share socially per day?
  • How to ensure the content is compelling and relevant?
  • What existing to effectively plan and disseminate content across the different social networks and channels?

To address these questions we provide a program consisting of training one hour a week (during  7 weeks) specific to the marketing professionals.  Refer to information at our web site.

We also share what should be the routine for marketing and sales

What it covers

  • Why importance of social selling and social engagement. How it can deliver value for your customers and your company
  • How to build your ‘insights factory’ (to create content, organize, distribute & expand)
  • How to review existing digital assets and develop a content plan and production schedule
  • What to do to ensure digital and content assets fit with the buyer’s journey and review feedback
  • How to define and use content related metrics
  • Align with Sales teams to empower them for the Buying Journey & get conversions
François Delvaux

About François Delvaux

Francois Delvaux, Partner at Minds&More, has over 20 years’ experience in defining and implementing business growth strategies and realising quantifiable results. He has a broad expertise in building marketing and sales capabilities of teams, deploying marketing and sales processes and structure, and activating marketing growth strategies.

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