Minds&More hosts the keynote speech at the Cercle du Lac

Thu, Sep 08, 2011 blog

Ewelina Czuczman

Sales&Marketing alignment – Key top of mind topic of executives

Minds&More session with executives on sales and marketing performance at the professional Cercle du Lac on September 8th, 2011. Speech delivered by Francois Delvaux, Partner of Minds&More. Common questions that were discussed with executives from Services, Software, Technology sectors included:

– How to ensure create effective sales leads?

– How to effectively track marketing campaigns and the role of a CRM?

– How to ensure common alignment of marketing and sales?

For executives and senior directors interested in our future events, please click and register to attend future events on sales and marketing alignment

About Minds&More

Minds&More is a network of over 30 seasoned marketing and sales professionals helping clients to improve their marketing and sales performance. We provide innovative and collaborative ways of building marketing capabilities and pragmatic approaches to challenges around sales and marketing alignment.

The services offered by Minds&More cover marketing consulting, capability development, interim marketing, marketing and sales planning (using Funnel LogicTM), training and coaching.

Some of our clients include Accenture, Acerta, bpost, Brady Corporation, BNP Paribas Fortis, Guru Training Systems, Melexis, Mobistar. The office of Minds&More is based in Diegem, which is at the heart of Belgium.

Ewelina Czuczman

About Ewelina Czuczman

Ewelina is a creative digital marketing & communication expert with more than 6 years of experience in international markets. Having experience in FMCG industry, Ewelina developed the Communication department for Polish Headquarters. Not limited to organizational function she focuses on strategy development and roll-out in international markets. Key on successful implementation is to create “buy in” of all stakeholders. She has specific experience in B2B and B2C event management, external & internal communications, project management, digital marketing.

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