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NeuroMarketing has now evolved into a marketing practice delivering accurate and scientific results.

Mon, Apr 04, 2016 blog

Ewelina Czuczman

Affordable and easy-to-deploy, NeuroMarketing has become a must-have in every marketeer’s toolbox. The purpose of this rising discipline is to optimize your company’s marketing activities in order to service the consumer on a more personal level and to behave as a solution provider regarding the needs of an ever evolving customer.

The event is ideal for:

All companies looking for in-depth knowledge on how to get that customer.

Managers, executives and directors active in:

  • Marketing
  • e-commerce
  • social media
  • research
  • sales

What will you learn?

You will learn how your (future) customer acts and reacts to certain situations and stimuli.

You will learn how to implement neuromarketing in your marketing strategy.

You will learn how you need to behave in conversations

You will discover how neuromarketing can work in e-commerce and social media.

Why come?

You want to know more about your customer

You want to know how to act in specific situations

You want to know how you can amplify your marketing strategy

…and because NeuroMarketing expert Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence, will be the keynote speaker!


Venue: Urban City, Ankerrui 9, Antwerp

Date: 19 April 2016- All day

More information about the programme and registration here

Ewelina Czuczman

About Ewelina Czuczman

Ewelina is a creative digital marketing & communication expert with more than 6 years of experience in international markets. Having experience in FMCG industry, Ewelina developed the Communication department for Polish Headquarters. Not limited to organizational function she focuses on strategy development and roll-out in international markets. Key on successful implementation is to create “buy in” of all stakeholders. She has specific experience in B2B and B2C event management, external & internal communications, project management, digital marketing.

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