Minds&More – Official Distributor of Funnel Plan, Funnel Camp (from Align.me)

Since 2010, Minds&More has a close collaboration with align.me (formerly Mathmarketing) and Minds&More is the official distributor for BENELUX .  Click on Funnel Plan™ to learn about this effective and integrated sales and marketing planning solution. Visit our events page to enrol to upcoming public info sessions we organize on Funnel Plan, or contact us to deliver a custom Funnel Camp workshops (3 days for your organization, delivered by a certified Funnel Coach of Minds&More)


The Minds&More team has accredited Funnel Coaches™,  companies across Europe working with Minds&More can now build their B2B marketing and sales plans using the well-proven Funnel Camp™ and Funnel Plan™ (integrated sales and marketing planning).

To address the common problems around aligning Sales and Marketing, align.me created Funnel Logic™. Developed as a unique approach to sales and marketing plans, Funnel Logic™ unlocks the keys to B2B growth by:

  • With Minds&More provide solutions for marketing and sales plan
  • Helping companies to map plans and tactics aligned with the customer’s buying journey
  • Using Funnel Logic to determine how many buyers are needed to take each step and over what time
  • Selecting tactics capable of moving buyers through these steps
  • Measuring the actual results and continuously improving

About the solutions

  • Funnel Plan™ is a unique sales and marketing planning tool that lets you design, build and optimise your own 3 year go-to-market plan. It includes everything from financial objectives, messaging, sales velocity, and sales and marketing tactics.
  • Funnel Camp™ is an intensive, 3-day workshop that aligns sales and marketing leaders around a single plan; blisteringly clear and highly actionable. A comprehensive plan for growth (developed with our proven sales planning system) is then delivered to you afterwards.

Over 400 projects, fifteen years and five continents, align.me has helped many companies to ramp the performance of their Sales and Marketing engines with clear plans and the skills to execute. These clients include AAPT, AXA, CA, Canon, Colonial, Ernst & Young, GE, IBM, NEC, Nokia, Optus, Oracle, Perpetual, SAP, Sony, Telstra, Vodafone and World Vision.

As one of the founding Partners of Minds&More Francois Delvaux said, “B2B marketers here, like in many other countries, face many challenges to find and sustain increased business growth in their markets. Now we can provide them with winning tools to develop clear marketing plans and the skills to align their plans with their sales organization. The result will be greater sales success.”