Proven methodologies: Miller Heiman Group

Minds&More presents the Miller Heiman Group: the world’s most powerful sales and service performance Methodology

Miller Heiman Group was born from more than 150 years of experience and performance. The group purposefully and intentionally brought together the best ideas, products and teams in the sales and service industry to offer you the Be Ready Solutions. The names are familiar and so are many of the products and services. If you’ve ever used the products before, you’ll be happy to know that you can still find them within the Be Ready Solutions. But those are just the beginning. Today, the Miller Heiman Group offers more than ever before. And it offers more than any other company in the industry.

Introducing the BE READY solutions

A powerful combination of years of data, expertise and research brought together to help your organization be sales ready, service ready, talent ready, insight ready, strategy ready and learner ready. They all work together as an end–to–end solution across your business. Start small or take a larger journey with us—the choice is up to you based on the challenges your business is facing.

be ready solutions miller heiman

Whether you’re in need of strengthening your training and development offerings, overcoming a specific challenge, or transforming your sales or service strategy, we can help.  We have some of the world’s leading sales leaders and service experts to help you with any need across your sales and service offerings.  And, our consultants and experts are armed to help you build and implement sound strategies and gain access to the most renown research arm in the business—keeping you abreast of industry trends, the latest research and insight that ensures you have expertise at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Training programmes in partnership with Miller Heiman Group