Proven methodologies: Sales for life®

Minds&More works in collaboration with Sales For Life®: the most trusted sales resource program

Since 2004, Sales for Life has dedicated itself and its services to thousands of sales professionals all around the world. Its clients have ranged from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Sales for Life has the aspiration of becoming the most trusted sales resource in the world by modernizing their customers’ sales & marketing method and helping companies transform from analog to digital structures. It believes that buyers today have changed and that we should adapt to them in order to better meet their needs.

To help their clients sell in a smarter and more effective way, Sales for Life offers workshops, training programs as well as speaking conferences in the fields of social and digital selling. The purpose of these different solutions is to help people and companies understand how to adapt to the current changes occurring in B2B sales and marketing. Sales for Life wants to inspire companies to transform digitally and adapt to the current ways of selling.

Through its partnership with Sales for Life, Minds&More is certified in The Social Selling Mastery methodology and, therefore offers trainings designed to allow participants to gain digital selling skills, boost sales and speed up the sales process. Through these trainings program, participants will better understand what being a digital seller is all about.

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