Rudy Geens

Rudy Geens



Rudy is an hands-on manager with over 30 years of experience in commercial and operational improvements, turn-arounds and strategic business transformations in both large multinationals as well as family owned local organisations.

He is a positive, hardworking and result-oriented individual with a drive to see top and bottom line improving.

This problem solver with analytical and logical mind and practical approach has lead several teams in a wide range of business functions.

His excellent track record is recognized by several captains of industries in Industrial & Consumer Packaging, Chemistry, Professional Sports and Leisure Industry and Agriculture.

Rudy participated in two major MBOs in the Industrial Packaging industry together with several investment management firms and in both MBOs considerably value was created for the investors.

He has a genuine interest in managing people focusing on team spirit and engagement and is seen as strong ethical leader respecting highly values such as fairness, honesty, openness and integrity.


Master in Chemical Engineering

Master in Business Administration

Vlerick Mastering Interim Management


P/L responsibilities, several ‘Commercial Excellence’ programs, post-acquisition integration exercises, cost reduction exercises, business strategy redesign, product developments, business developments, capital funding search, advisory role to board of directors, sales projects