Think ROA: Results, Objective and Activity

Tue, Oct 21, 2014 blog

Jason Jordan

For decades, companies have trained and retrained their sales managers on how to coach their sales reps. Yet many organisations report that their sales managers do not coach well enough or often enough to maximize sales performance. So why is it that so much money and energy have been invested in something that has yielded so much frustration from a training and development perspective? Is the sales training to blame? The sales managers? Both? Someone else? The problem lies with the coaching models themselves. If there were any other explanation, an ideal sales coaching methodology would have been identified, and everyone would be using it with great success. It would be the de facto standard. But regrettably, this “ideal” sales coaching model does not exist. So what is it about traditional coaching models that hinders their successful deployment?

Vantage Point Performance worked out a better performing sales management model. It is a straightforward alignment model that is derived from research into how leading salesforces are being measured and managed.

The “alignment” strategy in the results-objective-activity (ROA) model is to reverse-engineer the desired result. That is, begin with a desired business result, select a sales objective that will get you there, and identify the sales activities that will help you accomplish that objective.

Jason Jordan

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Jason is author of the best seller 'Cracking the Sales Management Code" and a Partner in Vantage Point Performance, one of the partner of Minds&More in Sales and Funnel management. The team of Vantage Point Performance has developed a practical methodology to improve your commercial success through effective sales management.

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