One week ago I went with the Minds&More team to the STIMA Trends night. The event -aimed to analyse the 2015 growing trends in the digital sector – revealed some interesting recipes for digital success in 2015. Here are the greatest insights I heard from experts in latest trends.


Content marketing? Yes, more than ever.  

As websites with blogs are expected to generate more leads than those without, content demarcation and relevance has become more critical than ever to strive in the flow of posts. So in 2015 your content must:

Tell the world your brand story

Today, virtual storytelling encompasses a mix of videos, images and rich content. One must develop the ideology of fun and entertain the audience with publications and the culture of visual. As Andrew Grill (Global Social Business Partner, IBM) said, “your value will no longer be what you know but what you share”.

Do more with less

Produce thin but rich content. Find the way to express your idea better with the least words possible and explore your topic deeply. Try to make your content useful with concrete insights and practical details. Don’t forget to design it multiscreen friendly: use bigger font, which fits to small screens, and of course, be responsive!

Consider your social serendipity

Publish relevant high quality content that will promote your brand in an implicit way by generating engagement from readers. You must see your audience as company ambassadors and consider this exercise as part of an internal communication process at a decentralised level.

Curate your content

Provide your audience with ‘glanceable’ and easily accessible information to go through, thanks to curation of content. Find the platform where your target goes to, while keeping in mind the positioning of your brand image. The content you will curate will tell more about your company, its expertise and why the visitor can trust your business.

Develop personal relationships

Focus on the phatic function of social media by connecting with your target in a more personalised and empathic way. Enter their daily life by being present on their favourite social channels and interacting with them as often as possible. If the trends keep on growing, Bart De Waele (CEO, Wijs) said that the “new KPI’s could become the speed of interaction”.

Place your analytics at the core of your strategy

Social media profiles will provide you with a lot of useful data about your prospects – opening the door to hyper segmentation and micro targeting. Turn this data on how your prospects are consuming the web into actionable insights and see where you can meet them.

Integrate technology

The gap between online and offline experience is closing as internet becomes completely integrated to our daily life. Web is now “under the skin of society” and technology is predicted to become more integrated with the rise of augmented reality and wearable technology. That’s the reason why you should adapt your communication online; it has to become smaller – intuitive – integrated.

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