#MOTY15: Minds&More in the press!

#MOTY15: Minds&More in the press!

Congrats to Anouk Lagae and David Sempels for their title of Marketer of Year! We were happy to support this great event and to see our 4 partners- Pieterjan, Benny, Myriam and Thomas- featured in the Trends Tendances of this week. Looking forward to next...
A week in the shoes of an American Sales Manager

A week in the shoes of an American Sales Manager

Tom Disantis, COO at Vantage Point Performance and leader in B2B Sales and Sales enablement, flew from the USA to spend the week with Belgian leading service providers. Together with Minds&More sales experts he shared world top companies’ best practices and...
Can you Uberize your business?

Can you Uberize your business?

No, and you shouldn’t. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, Tesla and others are seen as ‘state of the art’ examples of companies that thrive in this digital age, disrupting one industry after another. Although we can and should learn what makes these disruptors great,...

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