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Floriane Geldof

Floriane Geldof
Marcom Coordinator

Many of us set personal resolutions when it comes to starting a new year; exercise more, eat better, save, … Sound familiar? What about in the business life? Even if setting goals and objectives has to be done constantly during the year, resolutions represent a great opportunity for a company to set new objectives for 2020. In this article, I’m going to provide you some resolutions ideas and tips on how to keep them going.

Who is responsible of setting business resolutions?

To ensure that the Business resolution has any weight it needs to be defined by relevant stakeholders in the company and make sure that it is embraced by the entire organisation. New Year’s business resolutions for a company can be set by the CEO, the senior management team, or even by a number of employees – but to have a chance of succeeding these resolutions need to be communicated, understood and adopted by the rest of the organisation.

3 Ideas of business resolutions for leaders in 2020:

You know your organization best, and we’re certainly not here to tell you how to run it. Our goal is to help you consider your workplace in a constructive light based on our years of interacting with business leaders across industries.

  1. Empower your people:

One of the main constant goal for any business is to create value for its customers. But that value is possible only if the business’s employees are happy, motivated and productive.  So, if you own a business, consider your people your most important resource. Invest in them!

To win in  the marketplace you must first win in the workplace
– Doug Conant
  1. Learn to delegate

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are used to doing everything, but should they? I know, you’re thinking you can get things done quicker by doing them yourself, or that the only way something will turn out well is by managing it yourself. But delegation of tasks means trust for your employees. Indeed, it is essential for any great employee development and growth plan.

  1. Think ahead

Yes, we are asking you to think about your new year’s resolutions for 2020 but also for 2021 and beyond. Tough, right? Then, start by making a list of both personal and professional goals in the long term. The idea is to write out what you’d like to see your business become.

Tips to stick with your New Year’s Business Resolutions

Did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February? But let’s be positive and outline the fact that 20% still going strong with their business New Year’s resolutions.

Here are some techniques that can help you keep your 2020 resolutions:

  • Communicate your goals

Documenting your goals is important, but telling as many people as possible is what really lights a fire. You’re more likely to succeed by having external expectations.

Our experience at Minds&More from the past ten years in helping companies to gain more growth reveals that it is important to first get an organisation aligned on these growth objectives and to do it early in the beginning of the new year to ensure that the organisation has time to realise them.

  • Divide your resolutions into smaller objectives

When it comes to making big resolution happen, it is often easier for a company to break down these objectives into smaller steps. With the intent that the smaller objectives can be realised more easily by the organisation and gain momentum as they are executed in a new manner. Once the momentum is in place, the pace of change can be increased and more business impact can be enjoyed.

To summarise, companies can also set their business resolutions for the New Year by implementing these objectives within the organisation and recognising that change will be required.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help in accelerating your business growth, implementing effective inbound marketing and campaigns, creating sustainable growth by better focusing on the customer or better selling your value in the market.

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