3 best practices in remotely managing sales teams

Nina Carlier

Nina Carlier
Management Consultant

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In yesterday’s live session (webinar #7) we shared best practices on how to remotely manage sales teams. How does successful sales management look like in this ‘new normal’?  We selected  3 tips that will help you & your team make the most of this situation.

1. Make sure to formalize coaching and mentor programs. 47% of sales managers spend less than 30 minutes per week coaching each seller. Only 30% of them have a clearly defined coaching process with their sales teams. With the absence of live meetings and due to decreased levels of demand, of work, and potentially of motivation, it is important to stay in touch. Not only to give your team a heads-up but also to set renewed business priorities right.

2. Avoid your team calls and one-on-one sessions to become monologues. Calls tend to be more monotone than live meetings and allow more possibilities to get distracted, so try to turn online sales meetings into interactive dialogues. Encourage participants to collaborate and contribute to sessions by doing live Q&A moments and by using tools like online whiteboard Mural.

3. While prospection activities might be running on a low level, make good use of additional time. You can start planning business recovery by preparing prospection lists or organizing remote sales training curricula to freshen up your sellers’ knowledge. Another way to spend time wisely is to gather customer feedback on won and lost deals to improve your pitch. Tools like Showpad allow to record sales pitch trials and even record sales calls with customers to auto-evaluate your performance.

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