3 quick tips to start Social Selling on LinkedIn

Nina Carlier

Nina Carlier
Management Consultant

Every week we conduct two webinars that address a Marketing and Sales related topic that is particularly relevant during the current COVID-19 situation. Check out the full program here and discover previous live sessions on our blog site.

In yesterday’s live session (webinar #5), we introduced the 4 step approach to effective social selling. In this first part, we share insights on how to create a great social profile to build your credibility and visibility. For more detailed recommendations, download the full webinar.

Gartner research states that when B2B buyers are considering making a purchase, they spend only 17% of that time in actual sales meetings with potential suppliers. This implies that there is a large potential for companies to be present when B2B buyers use other sources of information such as social media and online information to get informed or select potential suppliers. Hence the importance of building and branding a strong professional social presence.

There are over 3 million LinkedIn members in Belgium, which means that over 58% of the working population is active on LinkedIn. This makes LinkedIn the most effective social platform in a B2B context.

We want to share 3 essential quick fixes for your professional LinkedIn profile:

1. Ensure you have a compelling headline statement that is meaningful to your target audience. Be customer-oriented and include an answer to a need, have relevant keywords, industries or relevant expertise that your target audience is looking for.
(Practically, you can change it with the ‘edit’ pencil on your profile page).

2. You can measure the attractiveness of your personal LinkedIn profile with the Social Selling Index tool. Relevant metrics for corporate profiles are the number of followers, besides the Employee Engagement Rate (# employees active on LinkedIn and sharing content / # total employees)

3. When you look for ways to increase your LinkedIn network or find new contacts, finetune your search options on LinkedIn. You can use Boolean search terms such as quotes (“”) for a literal search, or ‘NOT’ to exclude specific results. For the most extensive search possibilities, consider taking a Sales Navigator LinkedIn account for your commercial team.

Remarks or questions? Please feel free to contact us right away.

How can Minds&More help:

Our team of experts helps customers with their commercial, social & digital tactics via flexible services: Consulting, Interim management, Digital Marketing support & in-company training.

For complimentary insights, tips & tricks, join one of our next webinars: Discover the full Mingle&More Live Sessions program.

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