3 tips to plan and organize social content to engage with your audience

Nina Carlier

Nina Carlier
Management Consultant

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In our last live session (webinar #6) we shared insights with our 4-step approach to effective social selling and engaging with your audience via professional social media.

After step 1 of building a professional social profile, it is essential to reinforce your credibility and gain engagement.

1. Your audiences on social platforms are not all at the same phase of their buyer journey. The chances are high that the majority of your followers do not yet want to get detailed information about your products or services. That is why about 70% of your total content should not star your solution but instead should explain/educate about a problem, need or context that the audience may have. Once you cover the why then can have articles on the ‘how’ and the ‘whom’ (your company ideally).

2. The good news is that you don’t have to create all the content yourself. You can use existing corporate content (content created by your company) or leverage curated content (third party content available on the web written by others such as blogs, trends reports, experts,…). It is critical that you add a personal note (‘caption’) as you share your posts – what value-added do you add, what is the personal perspective you are sharing, what is it about that content that you want to share. A personal message to ensure your posts triggers desired engagement.

3. There are hundreds of MarTech tools and apps that will help you find, modify, organize & schedule content. Among the most popular tools are the following:

  • Google Alerts & Feedly (get notified of updates around industry / preferred topics)
  • Trello for content planning & organization with team members
  • Canva for photo editing
  • Buffer for pre-scheduling posts on different platforms
  • And many more

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