Main features for your marketing automation platform

Cristina Kalyvas

Cristina Kalyvas
Digital Marketing Consultant

The growing interest in digital marketing goes hand in hand with an equally vivid interest in marketing automation. With that comes a prolific development of marketing automation tools and platforms. A quick Google search is enough to get just how many possibilities there are. The point here is not to tell you which one is the best but rather give you the needed background to choose according to your needs. 

Whether you are looking for the best solution for your company or your big client, here are the main features that you need to find on the platform of your choice.

Campaigns & Lead Management features

Ideally, you would see all your campaigns in just one glance. Other than the campaign content, look for a platform that includes the following features that will help create THE lead management engine :

  1. Lead Management/ Allocation: to have the ability to create audiences, allocate the lead in the proper one.  

2. Lead Nurturing: to have the capacity to gradually send appropriate content to every audience, that will push your lead further in the funnel and towards the desired action (micro or macro conversion )

3. Lead Scoring: to attribute a score to each user according to the number of interactions he had with your brand.  This way, you will know him better, locate him in your conversion funnel, and talk to him in the most accurate way!

Landing Pages

Landing pages are crucial when it comes to any lead generation program. They are not meant to last but be easy to put in place, so you should make them yourself easily and connect them to your database.

E-mail marketing

There are tons of e-mailing tools, but why multiply the tools to use ( and pay for! ) when you can have everything in one place. Other than the basics, we recommended that your platform includes: audience segmentation, look-alike audiences, behavioral targeting, and personalization features – to start a one-to-one conversation feeling!

User-friendliness and compliance

A super performing platform that is intricated has poor user experience and cannot be used with other tools that will not be used in the long run. It is important to keep in mind that it should make your life easier and make you save time.

  1. Mobile app

You could need to show the results of your campaigns on the go or quickly check it on the side while you are writing your report. No matter the situation, in this age of super-connectivity, it is a must to be able to answer questions even when you are not at your desk. Also, the fact that your platform has a mobile app is a sign that it is mature and forward-thinking.

  1. Multiple users’ workflows

Maybe you are working in a large company where there is a whole Marcom Team, or maybe you want your client to be able to check and take part in the marketing automation process? In both cases, it is strongly recommended that the platform enables several users to create, edit, and comment the workflows.  It will also allow you to work simultaneously, remotely, or organize conference calls with your colleagues.

  1. CRM integration

Try to look for a tool that integrates a CRM or at least enables you to connect it to yours. This way, you can really create a loop and have a fully integrated strategy.

  1. Analytics

Some Marketing automation tools offer their own analytics reports and dashboards, others are compliant with other analytics tools, but it is trivial to be sure that you can gather all your data in one place ( including SEA, Emailing, SoMe, web analytics ) so you can have a big, clear overview and avoid to work in silos.

Obviously, every company is unique and remembers that you will work A LOT with your marketing automation platform, so the platform should be shaped to fit your company needs in the best way possible. Before anything else, it is a good start to begin with your needs to know what to look for- and choose the best fit.

Implement your marketing automation tool!

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