5 good reasons why the ideal timing to start an Ambassador Marketing program is NOW

Nina Carlier

Nina Carlier
Management Consultant

Past week, we kicked off our Mingle&More live sessions program. In case you missed our webinar on Brand Ambassadorship & Employee Advocacy (with Patrick Depauw – Social Seeder & our partner Benny Van Calster), this blog post resumes why you should encourage your employees to be the most powerful brand ambassadors. 

Stop shouting, start talking

1. This quote says it all. Along with the Inbound Marketing movement, people are less and less receptive to pushy commercial messages (being unidirectional messages for a given brand) and look for genuine, peer-to-peer content.
Therefore more and more organisations have started investing in Brand Ambassador programmes where WOM (word of mouth) delivering on ‘owned & earned media’ is proving its impact. Besides, social platforms have become more severe to organic corporate content in the user’s newsfeed, resulting in a limited reach for your brand’s messages.

2. As Prof. Steven Van Gucht said:

We will need to live with Corona

No one is offline these days. Nor in your company, nor at your customers. The current momentum is crucial to strengthen your offline & online employee engagement. Therefore gestures of frequent & transparent communication and bonding with employees will spontaneously result in sharing your stories and corporate messages in an authentic way. This is the basis of Brand Ambassadorship.

Marketing & Sales processes will take place online even more, hence the crucial importance to position your employees as thought leaders online. The existence of one-click platform solutions will help you to put successful social selling tactics in place. 

On this note: make sure you don’t miss next week’s webinars on optimising your commercial tactics through Social Selling

3. MROI-wise (Marketing ROI), there is no wiser Brand Awareness investment. The below image shows how Ambassador Marketing based on employee engagement, outperforms the traditional reach of your social campaigns.

The latest figures by Social Seeder demonstrate that this effect is even stronger since the COVID-19 situation started.

4. Innovative Martech tools such as Social Seeder facilitate secure digital workplace initiatives and are used for employee initiatives and ecosystem and customer advocacy programs. Have a look at this video that briefly explains their solutions.

5. Everybody knows that authenticity is the success ingredient of any Marketing initiative by now. By encouraging employees to post corporate content, brands succeed in building on the Word-Of-Mouth effect exponentially.


How Minds&More can support you:

Minds&More has a strong team of ‘digital natives’ and experienced consultants to initiate, develop and deploy your digital marketing strategies.  We have a partnership with Social Seeder to create and run your Ambassador programs.

Moreover, we support customers in all stages of the commercial cycle, including setting up marketing & communication projects. 

Comments or questions? Please feel free to contact us right away.

Did you miss out this webinar? Fill in the form and download it!

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