5 reasons why teambuilding is essential

Last month, Minds&More’s digital natives team participated in a two-day “bootcamp”. From Friday morning to Saturday afternoon, we took part in intensive but entertaining activities, challenged one another and got to know each other outside of the office.

This bootcamp was organized for the digital marketing community of Minds&More, which has been growing in the past year. There was a strong will to coordinate a team-building weekend for the 10 digitals for several reasons:

– To create a team feeling among the young digital natives:

In our line of work, we are all working on different assignments, at different clients. It is therefore key to reconnect with one another and to Minds&More practices & best practices from time to time”, stated Pieterjan Kempynck, Minds&More Partner

– To provide trainings in specific skills and expertises:

Minds&More finds it key to provide trainings to the digital team in order for us to grow. There are several occasions we are given the opportunity to do that (like our monthly team meetings) but a condensed training like the bootcamp was another great opportunity.

– To show how the digitals are important for Minds&More 

It was important to take a step back from the day-to-day and paint a broader picture so that the team could better relate to Minds&More, its context and how each can contribute to the company.

The bootcamp took place in the beautiful domain of Kasteelhoeve in Wange, far away from the Minds&More Diegem offices. It was a refreshing environment that allowed us to escape from our day-to-day and, as Pieterjan would say to “Be here, right now” in order to work hard but play hard too. Through presentation and project management courses, a personality test, an escape room, some late-night drinks and a client proposal challenge, the bootcamp taught us a lot about ourselves, each other and, more importantly about our line of work. This memorable experience definitely brought us closer together.

Teambuilding activities like the bootcamp we participated in are important events to have in companies. It helps to build trust, show employees how much you value them and can sometimes even increase the success of your business.

Here are 5 reasons why teambuilding should be an essential part of company life:

1. Building Company Culture:

Team-building activities help coworkers to better understand each other but also to better understand the company they are working for. One of the objectives of the DMC bootcamp was for the digital natives to get to know Minds&More better: its background, its history and how it has evolved until employing 75 people. This is a great way to build greater company culture.

2. Boosting individual and team performance:

Participating in challenging activities with your coworkers allows you to challenge them as well as yourself. Through the client proposal challenge, we all learned more about each other : our strengths, weaknesses and interests.

3. Encourageing teamwork and collaboration:

During the bootcamp, when we entered the escape room, we were so excited that we all wanted to run around and each find a clue that would lead us to our freedom. However, we quickly realized that teamwork and collaboration were essential if we wanted to escape. This is an important message coworkers should take away from any team-building event. “Teamwork is less me and more we”.

4. Developping relevant skills:

project management, presentation skills as well as the analysis of data are all crucial skills to have as a consultant. At Kasteelhoeve, the Minds&More partners helped us improve our capabilities in these skills. Team building activities can provide a fresh environment in which coworkers feel more open to learning and developping know-hows crucial for the workplace.

5. Team bonding and socializing:

The digital community has grown tremendously in the past year and, at the bootcamp, there were a lot of new faces. It was therefore a great opportunity to break the barriers and create a team-bonding experience that would bring our team of young digitals a little closer. We shared a great number of laughs between the digitals but also with the leadership team. Team buildings are a great way to build trust and break barriers between coworkers.

The bootcamp will definitely remain memorable in the minds of the digital team. Here are some of the things the team said they enjoyed most about the two days spent together:

It was awesome to spend some time with my colleagues. I won’t forget our funny moments during our team building activities. –

Sarah Defosset, digital native

It was important to get to know myself as much as I can to improve my skills and to learn to better work in a team.

Floriane Geldof, digital native

During the bootcamp, we had the opportunity to get to know each other better, in another environment than work, which is definitely great for the team’s atmosphere. Also getting to know each other’s “Insight colours” is great for team collaboration in the future: Knowing how to work with someone and getting the right team together.

Jochen Vanpoeyer, digital native

No doubt that the bootcamp was a success and that this will only be the first of a series of them.

A special thanks to the partners and colleagues at Minds&More who took part in organizing and leading the bootcamp:

Pieterjan Kempynck, Benny Van Calster, François Delvaux, Stephane Beauduin, Grégoire Vanderveken, Myriam Vangenechten, Goedele Callaerts, Ann-Sophie Colpaert

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