5 reasons you should have attended our Digital Minds Event

Philippine De Bruyn

Digital Marketing Consultant

Over the past 10 years, Minds&More has been organizing events and summits to share our passion and expertise in marketing, sales and transformation. This year, the team of Digital Marketing Consultants took the lead to organize its own event and offer a specific afternoon dedicated to digital marketing.

Here are 5 reasons you should have attended our event:

1. You would have gained insights on digital marketing trends for 2020 from our keynote speaker Bert Van Thilborgh, specialist in trendwatching and future thinking.

2. During the various conferences, our speakers would have shared with you their thoughts about new technologies and the role of digital marketing.

3. Our workshops would have been a good opportunity for you, on one hand, to experience new technologies such as 3D-vizualisaton, holograms, augmented or virtual reality and, on the other hand, to discuss with our sponsors to exchange ideas with them.

4. You would have discovered and learned from several Minds&More client-cases but also connected with inspired speakers.

5. Let’s be honest, the food was delicious 😉

At Minds&More, we love to share our passion and expertise in marketing, sales and transformation. This is why we organize events that enables networking with other professionals and share our experiences. Events to discuss best-practices, share strategic advice and learnings from client case studies and projects.

In 2020, it won’t change. We will still organize Mingle Mondays, Annual events, Partners events,… and guess what? It will be the 10 years of Minds&More, so maybe a big party? Stay tuned!

What keeps you up at night?

Our Mingle Mondays will be back in 2020! Don’t hesitate to let us know any sales or (digital) marketing topics that might interest you and to get invited for free!

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