5 simple to do’s to give your customers the experience they deserve!

Jan Vernaillen

Customer experience, omnichannel, love brand…  these are marketing terms that resonate for the moment in every board room. What are the ways to give your customer the best experience and makes customers loyal with your brand? Hereby my 5 learnings.



1. A visual tells more than a thousand words: map the customer’s journey

Use the oldest trick in the book: visualize every step that a customer needs to go .. be it informing about a topic or product/Service… be it, buying the product … be it servicing your solution. Companies need to take every touch point into account and map all of these customers journeys. Try to eliminate all the steps that do not add value for your customer and make the journey leaner & meaner. I’ll bet you can easily eliminate 5 to 10 steps!

2. Get feedback from your target audience: they know more about their customer experience than you

Have a call or meeting with your target audience and ask them how they experience doing business with your company. Ask them why they buy or not buy your solution. The findings of five phone calls useful to better understanding what are the pains your business creates as part of the customer journey and that needs to be fixed.

3. Align every touch point, regardless the channel

Every touch point (such as the contact form on your website, a call to your helpdesk, make an order via your app, ….) with your customers should provide a professional and similar experience. Check these and adapt as needed! If you create a bad experience or customer confusion they will potentially walk away.

4. Working in silo’s is so nineties: delighting your customer is a company thing

Do not create an extra ‘customer experience department’ in your company, make it a responsibility of all levels, even your Board. Every department should work together to create the optimal experience, from IT over HR to Marketing and Sales. It will only work when the whole company is obsessed with the customer and if everybody (yes everybody!) ensures that improving customer experience is part of their routine. A lot of little, daily improvements can lead to leaps in improving the experience for your customers.

5. Do not neglect emotions as a driver

Every purchase is (partly) driven by emotions, so do not neglect this as part of the customer journey. Price is not the only defining factor, so develop your brand’s personality and build an emotional connection with your customer. Try to surprise customers once in a while and put a smile on their faces. 


Put yourselves in the shoes of your customers, listen to them and constantly make improvements. I am sure you will make a major leap in improving the experience for your customers.

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