6 metrics to keep in mind to measure the success of your email campaigns

Valérie Giner

Digital Marketing Consultant

Everybody you know has at least one email account. You basically cannot sign up for anything on the Internet without entering a valid email address. So, although it may seem like email has been replaced by a number of other channels like social media, email marketing continues to be a great way to reach your potential audience. But how can you effectively measure if your e-mail campaigns are helping your business reach its goals?

Here are 6 metrics you need to keep in mind when measuring the success of your email campaigns.

1. Open rate

This is the percentage of recipients who opened your email out of the total number of people your email was delivered to. This metric is important to track as it allows you to understand how many people your email has been able to reach. However, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when looking at the open rate. It is not always a 100% accurate, understand why here. It is therefore important to always compare your open rate with the other email marketing metrics below.

To influence your open rate, you can look at two factors: the sender’s name or the email subject line.

2. Click-through rate

The percentage of people who clicked on a link inside your email out of the number of people who your email was delivered to. Compared with the open rate, this metric shows the part of your audience that is really engaged and is actually taking action and showing interest in your content and business. The audience clicking on the links in your email have read part or all of your mail and are interested in going further.

The click-through rate can be influenced positively or negatively by changing the location of your link, its design, its text, the number of links in your mail or even the text leading up to the link.

3. Unsubscribe rate

The percentage of your email recipients who have received your email and decided to opt out of it by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button in your email. This shows a real disengagement and even annoyance from your customer and is worth looking into.

The unsubscribe rate can be influenced by so many factors. It is important to try and understand why your customers have taken this action: were you email too frequently? Not frequently enough? Are the subject lines misleading? The ‘from’ name not recognizable?

4. Complaint rate

The percentage of email recipients who reported your email as spam in their inbox or that manually dragged and dropped your email from their inbox to their junk mail folder. Again, like the unsubscribe rate, this shows a real annoyance from your audience.

If you are noticing an increasing amount of spam reports, it may be a good idea to check the relevancy of your email content, the frequency at which you are sending out your emails, or whether you are using purchased email lists.

5. Conversion rate

The percentage of your email recipients who have taken a desired action (ex: making a purchase, subscribing to an event or newsletter, filling in a survey, etc.). The action depends on your conversion goal. The conversion rate, along with the Return on Investment are probably the two most important metrics to take into account when measuring the success of your email campaigns.

Factors influencing your conversion rate are endless and, depending on your conversion goal, often go beyond just your email: it could be your email responsiveness, the relevancy of your landing page and its content, your site’s speed and optimization, etc.

6. Campaign ROI

The return on investment is a measure to evaluate the efficiency and profitability of an investment. In email marketing, it is the measurement of the profitability of your email marketing campaigns.

However, calculating ROI in email marketing is especially tricky. Because of this, we will dedicate an entire blog on how to calculate your email marketing ROI. Look out for the next blog, coming soon!

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