6 reasons to include podcasting in your digital marketing strategy

Jessica Nielsen

Digital Marketing Consultant

Podcasting is on the rise, and it won’t be long before your competitors tap into that relatively new marketing channel.

Discover in this article why you should consider adding this string to your bow and how podcasting can support your inbound marketing strategy.

1. Podcasts are mobile

Podcasts are a form of audio blogging. Listeners can tune in using a computer or mobile device, and consume the content at home (49%), in the car (22%), at work (11%), in public transportation (4%), or even while working out (4%)*.

The interesting thing about a podcast, is that the consumer can listen to it while doing something else: cleaning the house, driving to work, watching the kids at the playground, doing grocery shopping, working out, walking the dog, etc.

2. Podcasts are on the rise

In June 2018, Apple announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference that there were more than 550 000 podcasts, for a total of 18.5 million episodes**. The latest figures, pulled from the most recent studies, account for 750 000 podcasts as of June 2019, with a whopping 30 million episodes available in more than 100 languages. Yes, podcasts are gaining in popularity.

On average, listeners subscribe to 6-7 shows* and spend about 6h30 every week* listening to this form of audio content. I, myself, have 6 podcasts favorited in my Stitcher app and listen to episodes during my commute about 4 days a week, for a total of around 6 hours.

3. You can make money from podcasts

Advertisers sniffed the opportunity right from the beginnings of podcasting: you can advertise within a podcast episode! Whether at the beginning, in the middle, or at the very end, there are ways to advertise in a not too disruptive manner. Of course, you would want to keep the ads within your episodes to a reasonable length; around 30 seconds.

4. Podcasting is easy, and cheap!

From a technical standpoint, you basically need your voice, a recording device or app, some editing skills, and a certain affinity with uploading stuff online. An external microphone is highly recommended, though not an obligation. In a next article, we’ll cover the basics to start your own podcast.

From a content point of view, it’s an easy way to repurpose your existing content. For a podcast, all you need is to talk about a topic which you’re an expert on.

5. Podcasting is authentic

Whether you’re going for the solo version, delivering your own content, or the interview version, inviting guests on your show, you come across as authentic to your audience. What’s more genuine than someone actually talking to you? You’re not hiding behind written words or edited videos with filters. You’re being your own true self. And consumers buy from authentic people or brands, because they’re trustworthy.

6. Podcasting creates brand ambassadors

By speaking your truth and selling your brand without being salesy (because you’re actually delivering interesting, free content), you will create real brand ambassadors amongst your listeners. Podcasting has a rare power: it can attract strangers and prospects, engage with them so that they turn into customers, and continue delighting them, ultimately leaving you with a flock of die-hard fans.

Do you really need any more convincing to start your own podcast?

* Statistics from 2019: https://musicoomph.com/podcast-statistics/

** An episode is a recording from a podcast, usually occurring once a week, regardless of their duration.


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