6 ways customer experience helps you build unique organisational capabilities


Stéphane Beauduin
Partner at Minds&More

15 MAY, 2019

I’m on a mission as you can read in my previous two posts to demonstrate the structural impact of Customer Experience.

Building Organisational capabilities is today’s focus.

customer mindsetBuild a Customer “outside in customer “mindset: it requires a big change in mindset of the whole organization to think outside in. “Walking in the customer shoes” turns out to be more difficult than the proverb makes it sound. We have done over time many  different employee induction programs but our experience is that putting cross-functional teams together to discuss their view on the journey is the best way to help walk in the customers shoes in a concrete, pragmatic and compelling way. No training nor inspirational speech can replace that.

align departmentsAlign end-to-end collaboration of the customer-facing departments around the customer: Sales, Marketing and Customer Service have a tradition of having a hard time being truly aligned. In the past 5 years digital automation tools have promised that they would help that alignment. Yet, we see little progress or even worse. Why? In our assessment we see that many companies don’t take enough time to first rethink the process throughout all customer touchpoints. Companies that did, by simply putting all departments around the customer journey drawing board, implement digital automation tools successfully which in turn enhances the collaboration.

customer centricity training Provide relevant and meaningful training around the specific needs of the customer: one of the biggest levers that can reshape how people think and act is training. That’s why if you start to focus on customer experience you should reconsider your existing training curriculum starting first with your customer-facing departments. Make sure all training reflect that new customer-centric thinking.

Omni channel strategyCreate a omni channel strategy: the driver behind omni channel is still too often reducing cost of acquisition or cost to serve. Coverage models are developed to shift transactions from a costly channel to a cheaper channel. Too often we miss the opportunity to consider the “experience” capabilities of certain channels that can contribute to a significant boost in overall perception of the service.

Reporting Build new reporting that forces top leadership to truly walk the talk: while leadership is quick to support the kick-off of customer centricity, we quite often find the challenge of keeping the focus alive. How do we keep the management focused to lead the transformation and secure the required resources? Creating a Customer Experience Cockpit early on in the project allows the person in charge of Customer Experience to generate and maintain good engagement of leadership members.

quality programs Install Total Quality programs that are coherent for the customer: many companies have installed a quality program that allows them to get permanent feedback of quality issues and put in place closed loops to fix the problems. We see however that quite often the many feedbacks create long lists of “to-do fixes’’ that get handled first come first serve. Using the Customer Journey framework allows the teams to select the “to-do fixes” that are the most relevant in the journey.

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