7 simple steps to integrate Storytelling into your communication

Sandrine Van Swieten

Digital Marketing Consultant

We often forget what we are told, what we read. On the other hand, we never forget how we felt. This is the key to storytelling and the strength of a good community manager. EMOTION!

A good story is not only a good message and a good script. That’s the way it’s told.


Your biggest fear is not to retain the interest of your target? You don’t know what to tell him? Storytelling is finally as simple as it is effective. To understand the techniques of storytelling, this is where it all happens! Let’s go!

Everyone has a story. You, me, the town hall of your town, the smallest factory in your region or the CAC 40 groups. Everyone has their own history, objectively, there is not really one more interesting than the other. The important thing is how your story is tied up.

1. Determine your objectives. Without a goal, there is no strategy. Find out why you want to tell a story.

2. Understand your audience. You must know and understand your target audience. What is she looking for? What are his needs and desires? The better you understand it, the more interesting it will be for you.

3. Define the emotions to be transmitted. What do you want your target to feel by telling him your story? Sympathy? Laughing? Thinking? Accountability?

4. Anticipate the consequences. What will be the consequences of these emotions? How will your audience react after feeling what you made them feel? Is it in line with your objectives?

This is for the FUND. For the FORM, here are the ingredients to incorporate into your storytelling recipe:

1. Introduce the protagonist(s)

A story is above all a casting. Have at least 1 character. This character must match the expectations and profiles of your target audience. That is why it is important to analyze and understand it well.

Example 1: Bob, the one who drives is the one who doesn’t drink!

We can take some significant examples. Let us talk about road safety and its campaign to prevent drinking and driving. Bob, does that sound familiar? Bob has become so well known that he invites himself to each of your evenings.

The idea of road safety here is to use storytelling to help identify the target and make them feel truly uncomfortable (step 3 described above). The expected consequences (step 4) are thus a greater responsibility of the target and thus considerably reduce the number of people driving under the influence of alcohol.

Example 2: An example that everyone knows. The character of Prince for the Prince of LU cakes. The Nantes biscuit brand staged the adventures of a valiant, strong knight, thanks to its cakes to promote the “nutritious” character of its products.

Since the end of 2013, Prince has been a cartoon hero broadcast throughout Europe via the Internet.

2. Set the context

Where is your story going? What is the starting point? The arrival point? Detail the context in enough detail so that your audience can project itself and easily follow you.

3. Set the stakes

To keep your hearing on the alert, it is important to set an issue. As we saw in my first article, it is very complicated to arouse the interest of Internet users because of the infobesity they suffer and the limited free time they have. Without stakes, it’s a lost cause.

You don’t have to look very far. The issue may simply be the “fall” of your story. If, for example, you use storytelling to present a new product, the challenge may be to discover all its facets.

Otherwise, since you have analyzed your target audience, their needs, expectations and the issues they face, you are certainly in a position to provide them with valuable assistance on one of these points.

4. Enhance with twists and turns

A good story is not linear. Surprises and twists and turns are essential to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. It is therefore up to you to work on adventures that you will distill throughout your communication.

5. Work on the fall

Every story has an end. A good ending. You can of course take the side of a “negative” end, but it will be at your own risk. It is not clear that disappointment and frustration will have a positive impact on your target’s buying behaviour.

Here too, you have carefully analyzed your target audience and are therefore able to offer them what they are asking for.

6. Keep doors open

Your communication will not stop at the end of your story, which is ultimately only one part of your communication strategy. So don’t close the doors at the end of your story at the risk of having your community leave you to follow your competitor’s new adventures.

In addition, all good stories have a sequel and a sequel, etc. If the engagement rate of your story is satisfactory, it may be wise to plan a second part.

7. This story is your story

The power of storytelling is exceptional. However, it is essential to follow the rules and above all to conduct your strategy honestly. Above all, your story must really reflect who you are and not aim to fool your target.

Storytelling is about telling a story – your story – not telling stories!

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