A week in the shoes of an American Sales Manager

Tom Disantis, COO at Vantage Point Performance and leader in B2B Sales and Sales enablement, flew from the USA to spend the week with Belgian leading service providers. Together with Minds&More sales experts he shared world top companies’ best practices and actionable tips on how to increase the impact of sales management to significantly support business growth.

Time for auto evaluation

The all week long his interventions were marked by 4 key questions asked to sales managers to help them easily evaluate their current situation:

1. Where should Account Managers focus their time (and why)?

2. Are the activities being performed?

3. How can I help my Account Managers perform these activities well?

4. Is it working?

Where do you sit?

Sharing experience led the participants to learn from each other but also to understand the importance of focusing on 3 key elements stressed in the proved sales management ROA model: the results, the activities and the objectives.

You want to learn more about it too? Consult our section on the topic.

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