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Benefit from the various fields of expertise covered by the Minds&More Academy training sessions and ofits flexible formats.

The public training sessions are run classroom style, open to any seasoned professional looking for a strong support. They are also available in ‘In-Company’ formats, consisting of private sessions dedicated to the company members and their specific challenges.

Pick you interest in our current curriculum of public or in-company sessions:

  • Sales Enablement (integrate digital platforms into commercial processes, align roles, training, content to progress buyers)

    Over the past eight years, Minds&More is helping companies to realize more business growth through effective marketing and sales (sales enablement, training, coaching, align content to buyer journey). Sales enablement is about helping sales teams to better sell to the modern buyers.  The scope of Sales enablement includes processes, content, training, digital platforms and tools, coaching. We working closely with our customers' marketing and commercials teams to better leverage their content, improve their sales interactions to successfully engage their buyers throughout the buying process and get more sales.  We leverage digital platforms such as Showpad to deliver revelant customer conversations and get meetings that progress sales opportunities and improve sales productivity.

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  • Summit 2018

    Minds&More annual Summit

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  • Strategic Thinking Process – DPI method

    Strategic Thinking Process – DPI method

    Strategic Thinking Process™ is a proven methodology developed by Decision Processes International (DPI) and over the last 35 years has been applied by over 3.000 companies worldwide. Learn how to use strategic thinking methodologies and gain a “How to” approach (tailored for executives) to effectively develop new perspectives on how to formulate game-changing strategies.

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  • Summit 2017

    Minds&More Summit

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  • Social Selling and Content Mastery® – For Marketing

    Social Selling and Content Mastery® – For Marketing

    Hands-on training for marketing professionals to become more effective in their organization’s social selling activities, and content management (how to create, educate, discover and evaluate content and social tactics).

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  • Professional Selling Skills

    Professional Selling Skills

    In this programme you will learn repeatable customer-centric selling skills to generate conversations with customers that improve the number of successfully closed opportunities and increase revenue performance.

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  • Your Web Applications On The Right Track

    Your Web Applications On The Right Track

    Interactive training to learn how to make the right decisions regarding the development of applications for your department or organization. Practical examples will show you how to activate the right experts in the right capacity in order to ensure strong and lasting results.

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  • Understanding Big Data

    Understanding Big Data

    Practical introduction to the use of Big Data in enterprises. This training reviews the transformation of Big Data in companies. After taking this course you will understand how Big Data can be relevant to you.

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  • Value Based Pricing

    Value Based Pricing

    This session focuses on demonstrating how pricing can be a powerful lever to boost the performance of revenues and enhance overall profitablity. You will learn how to capture the value that is created by your products and services and how to use those elements to define the optimal pricing.

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  • Social Selling Mastery® – For Sales

    Social Selling Mastery® – For Sales

    Hands-on training for sales professionals to become more effective in their social selling (how to find, educate, develop and engage with customers and prospects).

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  • Funnel Planning – Develop effective marketing and sales plans

    Funnel Planning – Develop effective marketing and sales plans

    For the classic Funnel Camp - Over a two to three day period with your marketing and sales we train and apply the methodology to achieve your Funnel Plan. We facilitate the discussions on your business goals, current strategy, priority problems you solve in the market. We help you understand your funnel velocity and determine the numbers needed for each stage of your sales and marketing funnel. We also spend a day to review and prioritized the tactics to find and progress your customers/prospects through the stages of the funne. A Funnel Camp  results in an actionable marketing & sales plan with key tactics that will fill the sales funnel and support the incremental sales objectives. It will ensure common alignment among your team on where to focus given your available resources, sales capacity and market maturity.

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  • Funnel Management

    Funnel Management

    The Funnel Management programme is designed to help you boost your sales performance through better management of your sales pipeline. Learn how to identify critical activities that result in gaining more and better sales wins for your business.

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  • Sales Management

    Sales Management

    The Sales Management module provide you with best practices for effective management of team of account managers or sales representatives. The training is based on the research and methodologies of "Cracking Sales Management Code©" by Jason Jordan & Michele Vazzana.

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  • Securing Strategic Appointments

    Securing Strategic Appointments

    Securing Strategic Appointments provides you with a solid foundation to build stronger techniques for targeting contacts to secure high-value meetings.

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  • Negotiate Success

    Negotiate Success

    Negotiate Success provides a customer-focused process that improves a sales force’s ability to reach a win-win outcome with customers.

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  • Large Account Management Process

    Large Account Management Process

    Large Account Management Process (LAMP®) provides a framework to manage and grow accounts by bringing the entire relationship into view.

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  • Conceptual Selling

    Conceptual Selling

    Every interaction with a customer is too important to leave to chance. Conceptual Selling Customer-Focused Interactions helps sales professionals better prepare for their time with customers. The result is purposeful meetings and win-win outcomes.  

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  • Strategic Selling

    Strategic Selling

    Strategic Selling ® will help your organisation develop comprehensive strategies to win large/complex sales opportunities.

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