15 Nov 2017

Marketing and Sales Performance Summit

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This year we present 4 strong client cases of hands-on transformation in marketing & sales!

Why participate ?

Customer needs and expectations are rapidly changing and businesses have to adapt fast to remain relevant and competitive. In this summit we present 4 strong cases of hands-on transformation in marketing & sales that can inspire every business leader.

Who should participate?

Business Leaders, Marketing or Sales Directors, BU Managers, Commercial Directors, Entrepreneurs.
This is an exclusive event for customers and prospects of Minds&More. It is not open for other consultants, unless exceptionally accredited by Minds&More (call our office at 02/704 49 40 for more informations).


Welcome & Networking Lunch


Keynote: A close encounter with Peter Vandekerckhove, CEO of retail, private & entrepreneursbank BNP Paribas Fortis

Peter is one of our eminent captains of industry, heading up ‘the bank for a changing world’. Peter will review his perspective on change within Belgium’s biggest bank as well as the change every business is facing in terms of commercial performance.


The National Lottery: managing marketing & sales performance in a rapidly changing environment

Marc Frederix, Director Players & Markets

The National Lottery is probably the largest FMCG company in terms of units sold in Belgium. Marc has been part of their leadership team for the past 14 years and will review how they address their major challenges across technology, channels, portfolio & communications.




Telenet: Customer experience in action

Barbara Arnst, VP Customer Journey Delivery

Telenet is in the midst of an in-depth process to profoundly adapt their way of working, from traditional silo thinking (products, channels) to transversal customer-centric operations. Barbara will share Telenet’s approach and core attributes of their success.


WholeSale & Logistics: How to activate for business growth

Jan Vandenneucker, CEO Landewyck Group

Jan is leading the transformation of their wholesale businesses (Fixmer, Lyfra, and soon Lekkerland Belgium) and will share the importance of managing change and doing a series of seemingly small things differently; while revamping a traditional sector in this process.


Panel discussion and wrap-up


Networking cocktail until 19:00

Additional information

Lamot Van Beethovenstraat 8-10; 2800 Mechelen

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