29 Jun 2017

Strategic Thinking Process – DPI method (June)

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Strategic Thinking Process - DPI method

DPI Strategic Thinking Workshop is recommended for top and senior management personnel who are either formulators and/or key implementers of their organisation’s direction and strategy. The biggest impediment to a Strategy that sets you apart from the competition is the lack of a rigorous but time-efficient process. DPI’s Strategic Thinking Process™ is a proven 10-step process to tap and leverage the experience, knowledge and expertise that already reside in your organisation. The process has been developed in the war rooms of real organisations like yours. And it works. This workshop will equip you with the know-how to formulate a Strategic Profile for your business that will not only set you apart, but lays out the pathway to achieve Strategic Supremacy in your business segment.  

Strategic Thinking versus Strategic Planning.

DPI’s Strategic Thinking Process and its conceptual underpinnings.

A comprehensive process to identify current strategic profile and current industry model.

Tools to help you identify new and emerging trends and their implications.

Analyse your organisation’s strategic variables that should be leveraged or addressed going forward.

Understanding your Company’s Driving Force and strategic options.

Formulating a future strategic profile.

Identifying critical issues.

Establishing strategic objectives and action plans.

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Strategic Thinking Process – DPI method (June) -

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