Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for your company

Sander cauwelier

Digital Marketing Consultant

Last time, you learned why it’s important to understand Artificial Intelligence. Now, we’re going to explore some benefits that AI has to offer. If a technology brings good things for your customers AND your company, then what’s holding you back?

Benefits for the customer

Nowadays, programs and algorithms often make the choice for us on what information we get to see, just think of Google providing us with a couple of websites when you conduct a search or Facebook choosing what content is on your feed.

What you get to see is determined by algorithms and AI, which have the sole purpose of making sure you get the content that matches your taste. This will become more important in the future, as most customers nowadays want instant gratification. AI makes it possible to hyperpersonalize content to your target group, therefore you always need to think well about what content you create.

As you’ve probably noticed already, many companies use a chatbot on their website. It can replace various aspects of your customer service, without necessarily losing the human touch. With Chatbots, customers can cut right to the chase and ask their question to the chatbot, and immediately receive an answer by using different chat flows. Like this, AI can help companies in improving their customer service, and a happy customer is a repeat customer.

AI can also make your customers’ lives easier in many other ways. So, if it can make YOUR customers’ life easier, why not explore your options?

Benefits for your company

Before the washing machine was invented, people had to wash their clothes by hand, which took a considerable larger amount of time. In this story, Artificial Intelligence is the washing machine: it’s a technology that will do things better and that will save you time.

As earlier mentioned, tools like chatbots can save you time and immediately inform your customers. Marketing automation platforms like HubSpot also use AI, for instance to propose new topics for your blog. Even if you want to advertise on Google or social media, AI is your friend. These tech giants will use historical data in order to make the most out of your ads. Google’s algorithms will match your ads with your target group and show your ad when the data shows a conversion is highly likely.

So, AI has to possibility to make sure your content matches your target group, while it can save you time and make your customers happy. But how do you start with implementing Artificial Intelligence in your marketing strategy? How to get started? Stay tuned for my next article…

How could you implement AI for your business?

Our digital marketing team can help you create and implement AI in your marketing strategy

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