At the Paperjam Marketing & Sales Breakfast Presentation last week, I asked the participants a number of questions on how their company’s behaviors have changed since the Covid-19 crisis. These are the results.
By François Delvaux

Did you more actively use social media over the past 5 months?
Have you been confronted with new competitors who pose new threats to your company over the past 5 months?
Have your employees told you they are feeling more disconnected or more stressed over the past 5 months?
Have your customers / prospects changed their way of buying (i.e. where & how they buy) over past 5 months?
Did your company launch new initiatives in digital marketing or in digital sales over the last 5 months?
Has your company been focusing more on cost reduction instead of investments over the past 5 months?
Have you adapted your offer (product, price, service) to protect or get more sales during Covid-19?
Have the activities in your sales cycle (e.g. how you meet your client, understand their needs, propose a solution, convince them) changed over the past 5 months?

The answers clearly indicate that companies are indeed undergoing changes since the pandemic Covid-19 started.

Do these concerns sound familiar to you? Then read this blog post, where we focus on how you can prepare for 2021 and assure that your company will indeed grow. Or get in touch to discuss the best path forward for your company!

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