social selling minds&more crash course

These are exciting times where markets and rules of “how to win” are constantly changing. In this cartoon we are highlighting the opportunities for you and your clients to leverage on social selling by engaging through relevant social content to find customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers. Social Selling can definitely help strengthening the relationships and building the brand (at personal and company level).

 To start on this, there are 4 key principles you should apply:

  • Make sure to share your company’s content with your network and to endorse your colleagues ;
  • Share relevant and personalized updates : don’t just “like”, but also add your personal comments and engage with other participants to the discussion ;
  • Create and publish a post: these will give you credibility and visibility ;
  • Instead of sharing ‘product push updates’, bring some valuable insights about your market that will help one of your client – tips, points of view, questions to help them think

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for more tips to accompany you in the successful development of your social selling journey.

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