The current state of B2B marketing


MARCH, 2019

Coralie Gak

It’s the jungle sometimes… 

Working in B2B industry is like evolving in the jungle, trying to grow your business with most often, unaligned teams and missing tools and processes.

That means that as marketers, we are facing multiple challenges, and a lot of work has to be done before pretending being efficient and “best in class”:

  • aligning sales & marketing
  • Defining buyers journey and buyers persona
  • Concretely acting for sales enablement
  • Improving customer centricity
  • Implementing new tech like automation platform

But there is no secret recipe to become a successful B2B strategic company. Today, you have to pull three things together: plan, lead management processes and customer journey. When you put them together, you can activate them thanks to new technology’s flows and processes.

The ROI issue

On the other hand, one of the biggest challenge in B2B is also data analyzes and ROI measurement.

It would be a naive marketer that thinks that measurement and proving their ROIs is not important. If a marketer was operating that way, doing what I call ‘B2B breakfast and brochures’, they’re probably not going to have a long-term career in marketing.” 

                         Haussegger, managing director of Green Hat 

Nonetheless, the problem is that marketers are currently collecting as much data as possible but don’t know how to handle it. That creates two situations, one is complexity, knowing what tools to use, and the bigger issue is integration. Even with more than 6800 documented marketing technology solutions available on today’s market, they are struggling. Because for the less savvy ones, it’s simple too much data. They don’t know what to do with those and how to “connect the dots”.  That’s a reality. You can be supported by a thousand tools, if you don’t know how to measure, you are not able to prove your ROI.

The state of B2B marketing in 2019?

The elements highlighted hereabove are only samples of problems that B2B marketers are facing today. But before watching forward, it’s always good to have a status of where we are today. Therefore, we’ve created an infographic to help you to have a clear view of the B2B statement in 2019.

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Coralie Gak

Digital Marketing Consultant at Minds&More

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