Customer centricity through content creation and sharing


MARCH, 2018

It’s safe to say that marketing has changed a lot since the beginning of the digital age. Customers don’t wait anymore till they get hit by ads that might (or might not) be interesting for them; they are looking actively for solutions to solve their needs.

How can marketers be ready to engage with these customers at the right moment? Right CONTENT!

The best marketer used to be someone who could come up with the most creative ideas to attract an audience to their brands or products. In the pre-digital era, when marketing was mainly a one-way communication, the most creative campaigns and concepts drew the most attention (or eyeballs) and won prizes at prestigious marketing events.

In today’s world, where brand conversations and interactions have become digital and social, creativity alone does not do the trick anymore. Great marketers have a compelling and relevant story to tell and they tell that story at the right moment, to the right audience and through the right channels. In order to do this, it is key to keep up with the trends. In 2017, mobile marketing was already of increasing significance. It’s expected that the number of smartphone users will increase to 2.53 billion[1] in 2018, so the demand for mobile-ready content has never been more crucial.

Following your customer throughout his journey and providing the right content is a daunting adventure. Customers don’t follow a clear discovery path, you cannot read their minds, or figure out what content might be relevant at any point in time. Luckily, there are some tricks:

1. First, try to map a number of “mental” stages in a typical customer buying journey. How would they go from an “Untroubled & Unaware” mind-set to an “I want to buy this now” state? What are the intermediate steps and what type of content could help them to move (fast) from one step to the other? Where does your well written white paper fit in this journey? How can your happy customer reference story wet their appetite and make them want to explore further

2. Second, reflect on the communication channels or engines you have at your disposal and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Where would they typically pick up content in the discovery phase? Where would they compare some alternative solutions? Where can they find confidence that they are about to make the right choice? Is it social media channels, your website, popular media sites, blogs, other platforms…? Be there, at the right moment, with the right content.

3. Last but least, customer and market insight is what will set you apart from the “average” content marketer. The better you understand your customer needs, the better your language will resonate with them and the richer the conversation will be. It’s important to conduct research and get insights in the real needs. Actually, research needs to become part of your daily routine.

Interesting to hear more about this topic and learn how companies put customer centricity in the heart of their organisation? Join us at our next upcoming Mingle Monday that will take place the 4th of June. 

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