Discover the 6 area’s where Customer Experience is a game changer!

Stéphane Beauduin

Stéphane Beauduin

Partner at Minds&More

24 April 2019

The arrival of Customer Experience (CE) and focus on building the best customer journey’s to delight the customer is here to stay. Yet too often I find my clients underplaying the role of Customer Experience.

Of course, tactical quick wins can be achieved by reviewing end to end journey’s but Customer Experience can and should be much more : it is at the heart of driving company strategy, growth, efficiency and transformation. In net a true game changer.

For WHAT Business drivers is Customer Experience a game changer? 

CE impacts many more business drivers  than just Customer Experience  ? Working on Customer Experience will automatically bring you in 6 other adjacent business drivers that will strongly benefit from the work you put in Customer Experience. I have briefly defined them below.

Right Service : the Customer Experience exercise of discovering new pain points by persona very quickly brings to light opportunities for the value proposition to include new solutions. In some cases even it can even change the type of business that customers think they are in and fundamentally alter the value proposition.

Right Messaging & Consistent Brand : the Customer Journey methodology outlines a framework of the customer going through his life cycle journey. His primary need for content during that journey is to be “helped” to move quickly from one stage to the other. This framework brings a totally different focus on content creation away from the strong tendency to create content that sells fast.

As you are rethinking the messaging along the experience you will be able to infuse your brand. Long are the days where the brand was driven by communication. Brand has shifted to what people experience. An important step therefore in building new customer journey’s is to identify the “brand design principles” upfront that you will use to create the new journey’s that express your brand.

(Digital) Channel Strategy : we all know that digital is fundamentally changing our channel mix. I see many customers building digital channels to move transactions online. I see very few build their channel mix strategies to enable a real end to end customer journey experience blending transaction, care and experience.

Better Customer Lifetime Value  (attract, retain, grow) : one of the most important benefits of building customer journey is that it gives you the perfect framework to align your marketing activation activities with sales activity. Especially, marketing helps in the beginning of the buyer journey to better identify High Value Customers and Marketing and Customer Service can make a big difference in the in life journey to enable Sales to do cross and upsell in order to develop the customer value.

Synchronize the Front departments : Sales, Marketing and Customer service all have direct contact with the customers. They each have developed their silo processes to engage with the customer. Yet very few companies have synchronized these processes across the three of them. The arrival of customer journey actually is a perfect framework to do exactly that.

Align Front and Back departments : the different Front Departments are developing engagement strategies each individually to please the customers quite often without really engaging with the Back Office which is in charge of securing a smooth operations. Moreover, different Front Departments don’t necessarily build on the same Back Office enablers resulting in increase in costs and complexity. Creating a pro-active involvement of the Back office around the customer journey can help them become more efficient.


Remember one thing: Customer experience is not the CHERRY , it’s the CAKE!

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