Types of advertising on Instagram

Rina De Cock

Digital Marketing Consultant

Instagram is a very popular social media platform, used by over 1 billion people every month. The platform is especially popular with people up to 35 years old (71% of the users).

Are they in your target group? Then there’s even better numbers: Instagram has a 2,2% interaction rate, which is about 2% higher then Facebook’s rate (0,22%).

Do you want to start advertising on Instagram now? Let us guide you through the different types of advertising on Instagram.

1.     Stories ads

Snapchat-copycat Instagram stories has always been very popular. Luckily for you, that also counts for stories from companies. 1 out of 3 of the most viewed stories are stories from businesses. You can choose between videos and photos. The most important take-away for advertising on stories, is that you have to be creative! Why? If you go to stories on your personal account, you can see just how many ads you get (1 between every 2 of 3 stories from your friends) and how easily you swipe away. Therefore, being original is definitely the way to go!

2.     Advertising on an existing post

Did one of your posts get a lot of ‘natural’ feedback? Then you can definitely advertise on it. You can simply go to your post on Instagram and press ‘Boost’ or go to Facebook Business Manager.  You will get the option to add a button like: Book now, Call now, Shop now,… Here is an example of the Minds&More’s account:

3.     Photo or Video Ads in Timeline

Another option is to post a photo or video that has never been in your timeline. These posts used to be referred to as ‘Dark Posts’. They are helpful if you have a specific theme going on on your timeline, that you don’t want to interrupt with an advertisement related post. Just as with ‘Post ads’, you can add a button to your post.

Tip: If you want a to post a video, it can be a max of 2 minutes long.

4.     Carousel ads in timeline

If you want to advertise in the timeline, but you can’t explain your message in just 1 photo or video, carousel ads are perfect for you. With this type of advertisement you can add up to 10 different photo’s or video’s. Of course, you can add a button as well.  

Tip: In this case, the video’s can only be up to 1 minute long

5.     Collection ads in timeline

A collection ad is especially interesting for stores and webshops. It allows you to post a photo or video and list some products below (preferably products shown in the ad). When people click on the ad, they land on an Instant Experience where all products are shown. This instant experience looks like a webshop. If people click on specific product, they are directed to the actual companies webshop on the right page.

Looking for someone to create your Instagram Ads?

At Minds&More, we have a digital marketing team to manage all your social media accounts.

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