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Digital Marketing Consultant

Wow, I’ve been a part of the Minds&More team for a year already. Time to have a little throwback. But I have to warn you, if you’re looking for a PR piece on consulting… I’m not your girl. If you prefer a 9 to 5 comfort zone, with interchangeable days and tasks you know inside out, that’s great! But maybe stop reading :). Are you a motivated, curious digital creature? Start scrolling. 

Part of the Digital Marketing Community

At Minds&More, the Digital Marketing Community is the crazy team of digital youngsters. We help our clients with a variety of tasks. We handle social media to strategic analysis and everything in between.

What is it really like? 

  1. You get to play your part 

At Minds&More, your function and capabilities aren’t fixed elements. You change clients and functions regularly, so you’ll have the chance to explore what you like doing and what gives you energy. You have an open discussion with our team lead on what you (don’t) want to do and she hears what you have to say. Basically: you’re riding a wave and you determine the direction. Fair warning, however: surfing towards the beach and cocktails is only on Fridays after 4 pm.

What does that mean for me and what can it mean for you? 

As a graphic designer, I decided to digitalize those skills. Enter UX! I’ve followed trainings to improve my skills and am currently working on my first UX project, hurray! And knowledge works both ways. Someone from our digital team has a question on graphic design or UX? I’m only an email away.

  1. On Monday you’re A, Tuesday Z, by Friday possibly everything in between

An average workweek can take many forms at M&M. And you won’t always know where that takes you. In my calendar that could mean designing a tote bag on Monday and do stakeholder interviews on Tuesday. Maybe help organize an event an analyze social media campaigns for the rest of the week.

Curious to see what this tote bag looks like? Have a look 👇

What does that mean for me and what can it mean for you? 
It means variation, flexibility and learning a lot. For me it also means saying no, a serious life-enhancing skill!

  1. Expand your professional horizons

The clients you work with change, regularly. That means meeting new people, new ways of working, new companies. So, you improve your people skills and get to know the lay of the professional land. Concretely you learn how to work for different personalities, with other priorities and management styles. So, you learn a lot about people in a short amount of time. Minds&More invests in supporting you with that as well. Through workshops and tests, they force you to think about your character and way of working and how you can improve. Inspirational quotes not included!

  1. Our combined team skills turn us into a marketing encyclopedia

It’s true. Our team is filled with talent and knowledge sharing is one of our fundamentals. It goes beyond our team, the partners at Minds&More also pitch in to teach us everything they know. Our knowledge and skills grow, but there’s one thing that differentiates us: I’ll always remain the chaotic creative photographer and not a structured, well-organized analyst, and that’s ok. You get to be yourself here and be appreciated for it.

Meet the whole encyclopedia

Want to become part of our team?

Send your amazing CV to the HR team.

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