Develop effective marketing and sales plans for 2021

We have over 10 years experience in helping marketing and sales teams to be better aligned and create actionable plans that deliver results.

Plans for 1 year. Plan for next quarter. Plan for which tactics to execute well next quarter and what to do each month.

Since 2010, Minds&More is the official distributor of Funnel Plans in BENELUX (with We provide Funnel Camp™ workshops and train companies on how to develop their Funnel Plan to get more sales.

Consultants help you to boost your growth and create marketing impact.

The Minds&More team since 2010 are accredited Funnel Coaches™. We help B2B companies to create their marketing and sales plans using the well-proven Funnel Camp™ and Funnel Plan™ tools (integrated sales and marketing planning, clear tactics to fill sales funnel)

Over 400 projects across five continents, with we have helped many companies to ramp the performance of their Sales and Marketing engines with clear plans and the skills to execute. Sample clients include  bpost, Airplus, Knauf Insulation, CLLAXA, CA, Canon, Colonial, Ernst & Young, GE, IBM, NEC, Nokia, Optus, Oracle, Perpetual, SAP, Sony, Telstra, Vodafone, World Vision and many more.

“B2B marketers here, like in many other countries, face many challenges to find and sustain increased business growth in their markets. Now we can provide them with winning tools to develop clear marketing plans and the skills to align their plans with their sales organization. The result will be greater sales success.”

François Delvaux

Partner, Minds&More

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2 to 3 day workshop that aligns sales and marketing leaders around a single plan; make it clear and highly actionable. A comprehensive plan for sales growth is delivered and clear tactics to fill sales funnel and progress buyers.