How to fight commoditization and create sustainable growth by better focusing on the customer.

MON. JUN 24, 2019


6.00 PM - 9:30 PM



Customer Centricity is becoming central to the agenda of many of our customers. It’s a vast topic. The number one question we get is “Where do we start?”. One question we don’t get enough however is “How long will this take to have impact?”. Because the reality is that Customer Centricity is truly a marathon and there are no shortcuts. So, when one of our customers, Renewi, started two years ago on the Customer Centricity quest is willing to share with all of us their “marathon” with “franc-parler” we and you should seize the opportunity! If you want the “unplugged” story of their lessons learned let us know and come to our Mingle Monday.

You may be familiar with those challenges ?

– Half of the group have become believers but the other half still remains critical

– Change at top management level requires re-explaining the project

– It’s hard to clearly measure the impact

– We are suffering due to delays in deployment of some key digital enablers

– In general we are still in project mode and customer centricity has not yet fully been integrated in each separate function

– Content creation is still very fragmented and not coherent end-to-end


In session we will cover

  • Explain what is customer centricity and business benefits it can create
  • What lenses to help a B2B company become more customer centric
  • Tips to understand buyer journey, personas and implications for your organization, and implications for your value proposition
  • Share case study of Renewi, one of our client we helped 2 years ago to implement Customer Centricity and Customer Experience. At that time we would have loved to answer the question “I wonder where we will be in two years time”. Well, that is exactly what we will share with you on our next Mingle Monday: ups, downs, lessons learned,… 



Marketing and sales leaders, Customer Experience Managers, business executives
This is an exclusive event for customers and prospects of Minds&More. It is not open for other consultants, unless exceptionally accredited by Minds&More (call our office at 02/704 49 40 for more information).

*In the event of non attendance without any notification 3 days prior to the event, you will be charged 45 euros to cover the costs of the catering.

Practical information

Welcome with sandwiches and drink.


Minds&More Office
Park Hill, Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan 16B


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