Sales & Marketing Plan based on the Funnel Planning™ methodology

WED, DEC 11, 2019


8:15 AM - 9:30 AM

MAISON MODERNE 26, Rue des Gaulois 1618 Luxembourg Luxembourg

Minds&More, member of the Paperjam club

 François Delvaux (Partner at Minds&More) was invited as keynote speaker at the PaperJam Club. He helped the audience to understand the sales speed and conversion rate needed to reach their sales objectives. He put it into practice by giving examples of companies that have applied this approach and how they improve their performance.



Minds&More explained the Funnel Planning ™ methodology (based on Hugh Macfarlane’s book The Leaky Funnel) and how it is used to align marketing and sales teams with goals, target the market well and focus on what needs .

Session for the management team and sales & marketing manager.
To register, you must be member of the Paperjam Club, expert in MarCom or sales. 

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