MINGLE&MORE Live Session!

Five tips to help you create value by solving different customer problems

The only structural way through this crisis is Customer Centricity. But where do I start?

TUE. MAY 05, 2020


11 AM - 12 PM


Are you focusing on how to regain lost value in a “Post COVID-19 market”? Are you looking at reactivating your sales through more and sharper go to market? Is this approach going to be enough? We do not think it will be enough. We believe that focusing on differentiating your existing offerings will become critical. We believe that the only way to regain structural value for your company will come from fully embracing Customer Centricity.

You have read or heard about Customer Centricity many times but do not know where to start? Our experience shows us we can get you started by focusing your attention on i) helping you solve different customer problems and ii) helping you listen in a different to your customers in a different way.

In the session we will cover:

  • The burning platform to apply more Customer Centricity in your company
  • Why do we need a more formal approach to create a customer-centric mindset?

  • The Minds&More Five lenses methodology to help you focus on the right customer problems

  • Brand is not dead: it is a key framework.



Marketing and sales leaders, business executives, HR leaders.

This is a unique webinar provided by  Minds&More to help companies respond and recover business growth during this Covid-19 sanitary crisis.


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