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Easy methodologies to innovate

What does innovation mean to your company? Easy methodologies to innovate on needs, solutions and competences.

TUE. JUNE 2, 2020


11 AM - 12 PM



 What does innovation mean to your company? Discover in this webinar easy methodologies to innovate your needs, solutions and competences?

The innovation experts from Creax will explain during this webinar the strategic opportunity framework. They will also provide handy tools and methodologies that you can use to innovate your business or product portfolio. You will learn how to use these methodologies and how companies have been using them to be prepared for the future.

In the session we will cover:

  1. The need for innovation
  2. Creax introduction
  3. Strategic Opportunity Framework
  4. Pick your targets aligned with current & future competences
    4.1. VRIO framework
  5. Problem analysis methodologies                                              5.1. Need identification through consumer fora analysis
  6. Solution analysis methodologies
    6.1. DNA Thinking
  7. Business Model Canvas



Marketing and sales leaders, business executives, HR leaders.

This is a unique webinar provided by  Minds&More to help companies respond and recover business growth during this Covid-19 sanitary crisis.


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