MINGLE&MORE Live Session!

Inbound Marketing 

Build – Attract – Measure

TUE. JUNE 16, 2020


11 AM - 12 PM



In 2006 the concept of inbound marketing was born as a challenger to the disruptive and interruptive forms of outbound marketing.

Today, the approach of inbound marketing has gained momentum and delivering positive business impact. It is increasingly used by marketing and sales teams of different sectors to find/attract new customers and grow their sales.

Join us on June 16 at 11 AM to discover more about inbound marketing and the implications for businesses (PMEs and mid sized companies based in Belgium or Luxembourg) needing to recover business growth or expand their digital maturity.



During this webinar we will discuss the following topics:

  1. Define what is inbound marketing and how helps companies to recover or gain sales growth .
  2. Share common pain points /needs that companies face and where inbound marketing can create value.
  3. Review the steps to build inbound marketing campaigns per stage of the funnel.
  4. Share tips to optimize your website/social media and landing pages with relevant content and call-to-action.
  5. Implications for the sales and marketing team.



Our webinar session is designed for SME based in Belgium or Luxembourg that are starting their digital transformation or wanting to boost their commercial performance.

Owners, General Managers, Marketing and Sales Directors, BusDev, Marketing or digital marketing professionals 

Review how digital marketing platforms (digital content, website, social media, etc) will allow you to deliver personalized and digital experiences to attract and lead potential customers throughout each stage of their buying journeys.


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