The new way of selling through purpose and value

Minds&More, proud sponsor of SMA (Sales Management Association) is welcoming you at the next sales management training to provide you with best sales practices through purpose and value.

THU. JUNE 20, 2019


2.30 PM - 6:00 PM

Salons de Romree

Exceptionally fact: Financial heavyweights and major organizations in the international market have recently pleaded openly for greater social engagement. This is not a coincidence: it is a reflection of imminent systemic change in the financial world and in business life. At the SMA X-mas lunch last year, we attended a TEDx conference by Herman Toch, who had already reflected on this turnaround. On June 20, he will be the Keynote Speaker on the theme ‘How can Purpose and Value affect your sales?’


Herman gives his vision of what is happening concretely. According to him, as a company, we must learn to play another game: a positive sum game. A company must have a positive relationship with the society. This link is crucial for its success in the short and long term. Public opinion demands it, the best talents demand it, investors demand it. One of the assets to play is the transformational customer experience. Are you already intrigued?




This session is recommended for Sales Managers, Sales Directors, VP Sales, Sales Leaders, Sales Operations, Sales Excellence, Business Unit leaders or Company Owners.

More information about the organizers here.

Speaker: Herman Toch

Auteur & co-founder FLRISH

  • In love with marketing
  • Writer of 2 books
  • Speaker at a lot of seminars, conferences and workshops.

‘Purpose’ is what makes me go to work with a smile every morning.

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Practical details


Thursday June 20th – 14:30 – 18:00


Salons de Romree – Beiaardlaan 31 – 1850 Grimbergen


Herman Toch




SMA members – free  |   Non-members – 195 €


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April meeting with Bert Hendrickx : 4.40/5

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