WHAT TO SELL – Session 1

Through new technologies, every company has to constantly adapt. The offer that turned out well yesterday may be outdated tomorrow and changed by a traditional or just atypical alternative.

WED. OCT 09 2019


08:45 PM - 12:30 PM

Bedrijvencentrum 3koningen
Oude Gentweg 81
8820 Torhout

In partnership with VOKA – Vlaams Netwerk Van Ondernemingen

Minds&More has the pleasure to work regularly in partnership with VOKA to offer you trainings in international business club “sales & marketing”. Next topic is “What to sell & How to sell” presented by Thomas Donck and Grégoire Vanderveken, partners at Minds&More.

This training is split into 5 sessions;
1. Start as a manager: What is leadership? Good and efficient leadership starts with self-knowledge. With a number of tests we look at how you can optimally use your own style to achieve efficient leadership.

2. Collaborate and communicate: You choose friends, you get colleagues. Age, gender, upbringing, education, experience, culture, … make people who they are. How can you allow individuals with a completely different background to work well together? How do you make optimal use of a team meeting? How do you present to your team?

3. Manage and delegate: As a team leader you will let others do the work that you have probably done yourself before. How will you manage your team members? How do you go one step further to delegate tasks?

4. The role of the team leader in recruitment and selection: Selecting the right employee is not easy. Do you choose or choose HR? Which competences should the ideal candidate have? Which approach do you use for selection?

5. Assertiveness for the team leader: Assertiveness means standing up for your rights while respecting the others. Not always easy. Still essential, especially with difficult conversations. Communicating a dismissal, an evaluation interview, a storage interview, a conflict with a colleague, … these are not easy moments of communication. How do you ensure that every message gets across clearly?


In this session we will discuss how you can adapt the offer in the most efficient and effective way to the ever-evolving needs and expectations of customers and prospects. We look at how you can differentiate yourself from alternative providers and how you can capture the price tag based on the value you offer in the perception of the customer. Finally, we will go deeper into how you can best put the offer on the market through targeted communication during the sales process.


Director/responsible commercial, manager, marketing manager, Product Managers, Sales Managers…

Practical information


Business center 3 kings
Oude Gentweg 81
8820 Torhout


Session 1: October 9th
Session 2: October 23th
Session 3: November 6th
Session 4: November 20th
Session 5: December 4th


Voka member: 190 euros
Non Voka member: 290 euros

In partnership with

KMO-PORTEFEUILLE: Subsidies for training & advice

Voka is accredited by the Flemish Government to render training services (accreditations #  DV.O104126)  with financial aid via the KMO Protefeuille program.

This means that eligible companies can get 40% (small companies) or 30% (mid-sized companies) of costs subsidized, with a maximum of respectively 10.000€ or 15.000€ per year.

Please consult kmo-portefeuille to check eligiblity.

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Or contact directly VOKA at anouk.andries@voka.be

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