Mingle Monday

Our Mingle Monday is a periodic networking event that welcomes keynote speakers discussing a topic related to Marketing, Digital Marketing, Communications, Transformation, Sales, etc. by reviewing client cases.

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Why participate?

During this event, sales and marketing people will not only gain fresh insights, but they will be able to share their own thoughts and experiences as well during the presentations. Before and after the presentations, attendees will have the chance to mingle and connect with like-minded, senior-level people.

Who should participate?

Business Leaders, Marketing or Sales Directors, BU Managers, Commercial Directors, Entrepreneurs.
This is an exclusive event for customers and prospects of Minds&More. It is not open for other consultants, unless exceptionally accredited by Minds&More (call our office at 02/704 49 40 for more information).

Participants share their experiences

Vanessa Wade, Business Developer, Emixis

“It was the first time I attended Mingle Monday and I’m pleasantly surprised. I found it very animated, people were very engaged, the speakers were well chosen and the topic was clearly very interesting. The event was nicely dynamic.”

Bruno Willaert, Marketing Manager B2B, Orange Belgium

“I appreciated this event because it enables me and my colleagues to build more structure into our daily work . Each open-minded professional could get a lot of new ideas to build on tomorrow and beyond”


Yin Oei, Business Development Director Europe, Cegeka.

“I was very happy to be able and to have the opportunity to speak at an event like this. First of all, I learned a lot myself from the first speaker, Grégoire. I also noticed that the crowd was very enthusiastic about the approach of Minds&More. I would certainly recommend it to all salespeople.”