From hassle to solution: how HelloFresh has disrupted the food industry


APRIL, 2018

Jan Vernaillen

Jan Vernaillen
Associate at Minds&More

I admit: I’m lazy. Cooking a healthy dinner is not my favorite activity when I come home after work. That’s why we order a HelloFresh box twice a month . It amazes me every time how well they understand the concept ‘solution’ and how they build an experience around ‘food’.

Let’s analyze how HelloFresh makes me a happy customer!

First step: they understand the pains and the gains of their target audience

Eating healthy is important to my family and me, but we do not manage to make dinner every day. Why? We often forget that one crucial ingredient in the supermarket or we buy too much and have to throw away a bunch of food that has gone bad.We often do not have the time, don’t feel like it (crappy excuse, I know) or prepare the 4 dishes we know best. A lot of excuses -one maybe better and more convincing than the other – for not cooking a healthy dinner.

Second step: they have developed a solution that offers pain relievers and gain creators

The guys & girls at HelloFresh™ understand our pains and have created a solution. They offer a wide range of healthy and easy dinners, delivered at home in a box containing the right amount of ingredients. No excuses anymore: our pains were countered by the pain relievers and gain creators of their solution. As a result, we’ve signed up to HelloFresh™with a smile and a box is delivered at our home every two weeks.

Third step: they have added an experience to their solution

HelloFresh™ has taken one more important step: they build a great experience around the delivery of their boxes. They have created an app that allows you to choose the dinners you want the coming week and tells you the expected delivery time. They have also added the occasional surprise present to your box. And that’s not all. They’ve gone the extra mile: when a friend of mine was not able to receive a box because she was giving birth (true story!), they sent a cute start-to-eat set for the baby!

What can we learn from HelloFresh™?

Well, they start from an external focus – how can I really help my customer - to be successful and have created a solution to a problem of a specific target audience. HelloFresh™ has embraced this solution, thinking and offered a solution that delivers a great experience to a vast majoritylarge number of hungry people, week after week. Food (pun intendted) for thought…

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