G-STIC: Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals faster



Interim management: Event & Digital Marketing


G-STIC is a Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Conference under the lead of VITO, the prime research and technology organization on cleantech and sustainable development in Belgium.

G-STIC aims to facilitate the world-wide implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) by:

  • building a bridge between public & private policy-making and technological innovation, both at global, regional and national levels,  
  • focusing on market-ready transformative technologies that have the potential to impact the achievement of specific SDGs.


Accelerating the implementation of the SDG’s by creating international awareness for G-STIC: an international event attracting an international audience of high-profile decision and policy makers, researches and investors. G-STIC’s ambition is to become the ‘Davos’ of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Main challenges:

  • Build G-STIC brand awareness
  • Create G-STIC brand advocates and ambassadors
  • Build a G-STIC community
  • Attract +1000 paid visitors for the G-STIC 2018 conference, international audience
  • Targeting decision & policy makers, researchers, investors
  • Targeting future decision makers: students
  • Create content, relevant to target.


  • To finetune the key message and set-up a pin-point digital communication plan, M&M set up personas workshops to define the G-STIC core target and understand their needs as well as their expectations.
  • Three key-target industries where identified: Geospatial, Energy and Circular Economy
  • The input of the workshop was crucial for building an appropriate content plan as well as a digital communication strategy and tactics plan.

Once target and available content identified, our strategy involved reaching our target using a digital communication plan including

  • Improving the overall user experience and performance of the G-STIC webpage (relevant landing-pages, Call To Actions, Blog, SEO&SEA performance).
  • Improving the use and underlying tactics of the e-mailing tool.
  • Setting-up a keen strategy and action plan for social media use: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


  • A significant improvement of website traffic = +17%, 1000 sessions per day and with an average residence time of 3,22 minutes.
  • Balanced website and blog traffic channel profile: organic, email, referral, social, paid search
  • Balanced website visitor’s profile with 80% international visitors
  • Social seeding successful
  • LinkedIn: from 0 to 1300 followers reaching 36.000 in targeted industries and generating 5000 click-throughs to G-STIC website
  • LinkedIn paid campaign and Google Ads reaching target at surpassing expected website traffic generation
  • Facebook event reached students: created awareness as well as +100 attendances
  • Twitter paid campaign: from 300 to 900 followers
  • On-event twitter wall generated 652 tweets and 700.000 unique reach

Post-event assessment

The digital marketing campaign contributed significantly to the G-STIC awareness and international attendance. Apart from the encouraging results, a thorough assessment has been drafted with tips & tricks to maintain momentum and consolidate on the 2018 learnings for a successful 2019 G-STIC edition.  


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